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Ikari x Norcal Fly Drop | Batch 02 | Limited Release

Ikari x Norcal Fly Drop | Batch 02 | Limited Release

Fly drops are batches of fishing flies made by Norcal Tenkara and distributed through the Ikari store.

Here is our second limited batch. There are four flies to choose from, or get a mix pack (1 of each) to see what works best for you.

Each batch is unique and collectible in a way. Of course flies are made to be fished with, but maybe keep one for the memories.

Whether you want to fill your new Ikari with some fresh flies or just looking for a restock, Ikari x Norcal flies are very high quality and tested to catch fish and sometimes tree branches and leaves.

Get a free Futsū Kebari from the first batch if you order 2 packs (while supply lasts).

1. Sakasa Cree-bari
A traditional style sakasa kebari with a twist. The hackle is from a cree rooster cape trimming from Root River Hackle. The softer trim feathers give nice action in the water. The collar is an earth toned alpaca dubbing from Vicuna Dubbing.
Size: 12
Hook length (bend to eye): 15mm
Hook opening: 5mm

2. Cookies & Cream
A Jun kebari tied with a white "cream" colored peacock body and a soft, brown hen hackle.
Size: 12
Hook length (bend to eye): 15mm
Hook opening: 5mm

3. Wire Weave Killer
Killer Bug style flies tied using the Houdini Weave. The red wire woven into the back catches light nicely as it falls.
Size: 14
Hook length (bend to eye): 13mm
Hook opening: 3.5mm

4. Camp's Dry Fly
This is a simplistic dry fly pattern taught to me by Nate Camp. It should float on it's on, but it also fishes well just below the surface. It's similar to a caddis, crossed with a humpy. Brook trout candy.
Size: 12
Hook length (bend to eye): 12mm
Hook opening: 4.5mm

Each pack contains 4 flies in the specially made cardstock box, increasing the quantity will change the amount of flies in the box accordingly.

If ordered with any ikari, flies will come in the ikari itself.

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