ikari B

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Ikari is series of magnetic fly containers with integrated line spools.

If you are into small stream fishing, blue lining or bike/backpacking — ikari is made just for you. That’s the stuff I’m into. Ikari is designed, made and tested by me, Roman Rusinov. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into engineering and making of these products.

There are four models: (B) big, (L) large, (M)mini and (S) spool. Big can fit up to 168 flies with additional storage and spool 3 lines. Large features 4 separate compartments while mini has one and more pocket-size option. Spool is a more traditional Tenkara-style two line winder with added magnetic fly compartments.

All models feature the Ikari Clip System and accompanied by included Rod Clip (L&M) that can be used as a temporary line spool as well.

Ikari B

Ikari B is the largest model that features dual compartment box with magnetic lid that can be attached to the back when open, two fly trays and tippet spool tray. Each magnetic tray has 42 magnets with results in 42 flies for each side of the tray. One side is open and other has slotted organizer for smaller flies. Both trays can accommodate up to 168 flies. Other compartment comfortably fits small bottle of floatant. Ikari B has 3 spool tracks on the side for line storage. Ikari B can be paired wait L & S model via magnets.

It comes in two color options: cherry or black. Acrylic and wood+leather lid upgrades are coming soon. 

Size: 190x95x35mm

Weight: 175g

Note: Flies and floatant aren't included.