ikari L

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Ikari is a simple, beautiful, and sophisticated fly containers with a line holder. They feature magnetic chambers for flies and a line spool with separators and pinchers on the side.

There are three models, (L) large, (M)mini and (S) spool. Large features 4 separate compartments while mini has one and more pocket-size option. Spool is a more traditional Tenkara-style two line winder with added magnetic fly compartments.

All models feature the Ikari Clip System and accompanied by included Rod Clip that can be used as a temporary line spool as well.

Ikari L

The lid is attached via magnets and the container pierced with a removable paracord. It can be used for attaching additional spools of line and tippet and can be used for carrying. Brass toggle-stop adjusts the cord.

It comes in two color options: cherry or black. Acrylic or wood+leather lid upgrades can be chosen as an option as well. 

Note: Photos are in the process of being updated to most current version.