Ikari x Norcal Fly Drop | Batch 01 | Limited Release

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Whether you want to fill your new Ikari with some fresh flies or just looking for a restock, Ikari x Norcal flies are very high quality and tested to catch fish and sometimes tree branches and leaves.

Here is our first limited batch. There are four flies to choose from, or get a mix pack (1 of each) to see what works best for you:

1. Jun Kebari
The Jun kebari can be fished similar to most western-style wet flies. It should be the most familiar looking kebari to a non-tenkara angler. Can be fished as wet or dry fly.

2. Futsū Kebari
The futsū has stiff hackle so should be better suited for swifter water.

3. Woven Killer
The Woven Killer combines oyster and grouse Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift using a houdini weave. It can be fished through the water column as it becomes waterlogged

4. Two-Tone
The Two-Tone is a Nor Cal original. A soft hackle sakasa kebari with 3 hackle feathers of two alternating colors. It can be fished through the water column, but can be worked as an effective dry fly also.

Hook length (bend to eye): 17mm
Hook opening: 5mm

Each pack contains 4 flies in the specially made cardstock box, increasing the quantity will change the amount of flies in the box accordingly.

If ordered with any ikari, flies will come in the ikari itself.