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Norcal Tenkara × ikari | Fly Drop | Batch 04 | The Remix

Dark Cree-bari, Goblin, Fox, Grouse WW Killer

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Fly drops are batches of fishing flies made by talanted fly tiers and distributed by ikari gear. Each batch is different and consists of four unique flies. Made to fish with, but can be collectavle as well.

Here is what we got for our fourth limited batch called "The Remix", available as mixpacks only and limited to one per person:

1 ⋮ Dark Cree-bari
Remix of my "Cree-bari" from Drop 2. Tied using a darker cree feather than the previous edition, a darker brown thread, but a lighter dubbing. Another sakasa kebari, a good searching pattern, generally worked subsurface.

2 ⋮ The Goblin
Remix of “The Ghost” from Drop 3. A jun kebari tied with a feather from a brahma hen and a body of straggle string. Similar to a western style wet fly, this kebari works well swung across the current.

3 ⋮ The Fox
Remix of Nick’s “Go-To” kebari from Drop 3. It's tied using darker feathers that were gifted to me by @ladytenkarabum of the @fixedlinefreaks, dark brown thread, and a peacock hurl. Being a sakasa kebari it thrives while drifting in subsurface.

4 ⋮ Grouse WW Killer
The Grouse WW Killer is a remix of my "Wire Weave Killer" from Drop 2. In similar style to the original, this one is made by combining grouse Jamieson Shetland Spindrift with red wire using Bruce's Houdini.

Each pack contains 4 flies in the specially made box.

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