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Line spools with magnetic fly storage.

Ikari is simple and sophisticated series of line spools with fly storage options. They feature magnetic chambers for flies and a side line spool with separators and pinchers.

If you are into small stream fishing, blue lining or bike-and-backpacking — ikari is made just for you. Because that’s the stuff I’m into. Ikari is designed, made and tested by me, Roman Rusinov. I’ve put a lot of time and thought into engineering and making them.


There are currently 3 ikari models: large(L), mini(M) and spool(S). Large features 4 separate compartments while mini has one and more of a pocket-size option. Spool is a more traditional Tenkara-style two line spool with added magnetic fly compartments. L and M models feature the Ikari Clip System and accompanied by included Rod Clip that can be used as a temporary line spool as well.

Fill your ikari with flies and hit your favorite stream or find a new one to explore. Happy fishing and tight lines. 

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