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  • ikari T

    Tiny (T) is the smallest, lightest and more affordable offering. It has 2 fly compartments on each side and 2 integrated line spools. Comes with ikari clip that cab be used as on-the-rod line spool.

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  • ikari M

    Mini (M) has one fly compartment and 2 line spools. More compact option. Comes with the magnetic ikari clip that cab be used as on-the-rod line spool. Can be magnetically paired with another M.

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  • ikari S

    Spool (S) is a traditional tenkara two line spool that can be stored on the rod itself, it features 2 magnetic fly compartments on each side. Can be magnetically paired with another S, L or B.

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  • ikari L

    Large (L) features 5 separate compartments for flies, 2 integrated line spool and option for included cord. It comes with the magnetic ikari clip that can be used as on-the-rod line spool. Pair it magnetically with another L, S or B models. Now featuring the fly dial lid for one handed operation and quick fly access.

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  • ikari B

    Big (B) can fit up to 168 flies on two fly trays, store 2 spools of tippet  and small bottle of floatant inside, can spool 3 separate lines. Can be magnetically paired with L & S.

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  • ikari P

    Plug (P) is a magnetic, rubberized plug with a base clip that can be attached to the rod or a bag of your choice via zip ties.

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  • ikari C

    Carry (C) is multi-purpose bracket that attaches to your bike's water bottle mounts. It is designed to hold fishing rods (esp. tenkara rod tubes), but also hold ibear spray canisters, water filters, pumps, snacks, beer cans, and more.

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